Is self-branding an important part of working in the world today? Many professionals and researches seem to think so.

Meg Guiseppi  wrote that “Your personal brand is a vivid indication of the best you have to offer – the performance, contributions, and value your next employer can expect from you.” in her article titled What’s So Important About Personal Branding? for ‘Job Hunting’. This is a site that gives people advise in writing resumes.

As Daniel Bliley of the parking app Passport says: “Branding today is as much about consistently delivering on your promise as it is about differentiation. You have to position yourself in unique ways in order to stand out from others. You have to meet all of the subconscious expectations and go beyond the mundane to truly impress.”

Our in-class reading titled ‘Self-Branding  The (Safe for Work) Self’ said that self branding was built off of multiple dynamics. One being the production of knowledge as a commodity. This is to say that your education or expertise on a subject is literally a PRODUCT that you are offering that the potential employer cannot refuse.


I have to agree with all that is said above. When we are writing a resume we are literally selling our skills, knowlegde and education as a bundle package for the employer. We are showing them how WE are different, and better than the next guy over. It’s our attention grabbing intro until we can walk in for our interview and do our “But wait! There’s MORE!” spiel…

Even for us college students that have not quite yet sprung into our careers of choice. Some of us still have to apply to Masters or Doctoral programs before we can begin that part of our career endeavor. At this point our brand is built around our transcript. It shows how well rounded we are compared to the other applicants. It tells them how hard working we are when they see the list of extracurricular activites and all of our volunteer hours. Not to mention they can see how smart you are based on your total G.P.A.

To deny that we are required to self-brand is a total dismissal of our day to day striving to become the best at what we do. From flipping the best damn burger to proving you can create the most innovative piece of technology.

As a species we are all in competition for resources. As employment continues to become a more and more scarce recourse our methods to compete have to evolve. Self-branding is a clear example of how we have began to cope with this reality. As students we compete to create the most appealing transcript. As employees we fight to create the most creative and original resume or portfolio. Even as participants of new media we scramble to be the most popular. In every aspect of our lives we are selling ourselves to another entity. 

It has become important in our world. And we have to get better at doing it the best. 

Brand me.

‘Self-Branding  The (Safe for Work) Self’