We are bombarded with information about our ever changing world on a constant bases, but can we trust that our source is giving us all the details we need? Are we being fully informed when we settle for a 2 minute video or should we be sitting through the 5 minute segment of it in our local nightly news, or buying the daily paper? 

In class we learned that 6 out of 10 Americans obtain their current event news from social media outlets. What is typically shared there? Our more cutting edge forms of journalism. It’s buzzfeed, vice or in this case FUSION. These sources tend to be short and concise, especially in their videos. Maybe that’s why we like them? It doesn’t have to take long for us to understand and learn what it is we’re curious about anymore. And sometimes when these mediums show up on our news feeds, we didn’t even know we were curious about them! 

Although many will argue that there are too many dangers in secluding yourself to only these sources. Studies such as the Pew Study published by Knight Digital Media Center seem to prove otherwise. In their article

Social media is not the enemy of journalism, Pew report indicates

by: Amy Gahran | Jun 21, 2011

Amy explains that the “eco chamber effect” is not as powerful of a risk as we say it is. Instead because there are so many sources -conventional and not- we have the unique opportunity of being exposed to information we did not know we were looking for. Including political advise we didn’t know we were searching for. 

The only reality that challanges these new sources is how much information can they really give us in such a short span of time? Are they a good substitute and can they provide information just as effectively? I believe the answer is ‘No’. 

With Trump as our President Elect there are a lot of legitimate concerns on the potential policy changes that may come to be. One being wether or not he will actually abolish DACA.

Undocumented Under Donald Trump
Fusion made a short and concise video explaining to us what this could mean to the hundreds of thousands that are under DACA now. It did a great job of putting in plain and relatable terms what DACA was, how much it means to those that hold it and what the potential consequences of it’s abolishment could produce. 

On the other hand, ABC News published an article titled “What COuld Happen to DACA Recipients Under Trump?” and they went MUCH further in depth. They explained how DACA came to be and why it’s important for those who have it. They went beyond that though to explain how being under DACA now may be JUST as dangerous if not MORE than someone who does not. It appears that the registry of DACA recipients could be used to track down and deport these individuals. 

                  ABC News Article

This information is absolutely essencial to grasping the seriousness and legitimacy of these concerns.  

Our new sources are great and awaken our curiousity and make us more aware. But they do NOT answer all the questions we need to be asking. I believe our good old fasion articles win this round.